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On the south coast of England there is a town called Brighton, although certain residents there call it Boozetown, for reasons you’d understand if you went there on a cold autumn night when the sea wind makes shivers that only a double rum or two can extinguish. In Brighton there’s a big old beach, and along that beach there runs a long promenade. On that promenade, there is a bench. Sat on that bench, there is a man, swigging from a can of something that you can be sure isn’t Red Bull. You may find him noshing on a box of greasy chicken, or smoking something hand-rolled, as the waves wash the beach. Meet Gizmo, aka Gary Guttasnypes, aka Big Gizzy, noteworthy microphone molester and scourge of the South Coast.

You know Giz. You know him as 20% of the vocal constituents of Rum Committee, the 10-strong – at least – collective of dastardly swine responsible for dodgy (in a good way) underhand (again, a compliment) confections like Boozetown and Committee Is Boss, records that drip with liquor sweat and camaraderie and beats to bludgeon you in the skull. But there’s a time in every man’s life when he has to go it alone, and for Gary Guttasnypes, the time has come, a time to tell tales of hitherto unimparted misdemeanors…

Great adventures need great music, on some Indiana Jones shit. Well remember those things called “beats”? Beats that went UHH, and THUNK, and WHUT, and KLACK, and got you in the solar plexus rather than nibbling your neck? These those beats right here. Raw beats, beats with too much cellulite in their arse, those Iron Gut beats, Dogfood with its clattering Soul Assassins boom, rainy day afternoon sesh jazz on Ashes Falling, the ragged-ass rumba of Bingo!, the metronomic funk dirt of Go Back… And, through it all, the man Gary Guttasnypes going it alone – no rap guest drops here – singing songs of sickness and a pocket full of rye (whiskey) and, in Britflix, the finest single-theme scheme you’ll hear this year.

Everybody needs some adventure in their life. Well, here’s thirteen of them to get you started.