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The scene is set from the first glance, two scrappy figures buried
under the clutter of a messy room, illuminated by the dull glare of an old computer monitor.
On one side we have Captain Bukioe; the scruffy hare responsible for the wordsmithing on the Running Punch album “Publish or Perish” and now, his unmistakably unique illustration work.

On the right-hand side we have KD, the Brighton-based producer and long-term Gi3MO collaborator known for building intricate soundscapes using obscure samples from deep within the crates.

Both have earned their stripes as long time members of the Rum Committee,
the Brighton super-group responsible for acts such as the extremely prolific Ceezlin and Multi-platinum, Brit award winner Rag’N’Bone man among many other talents.

Both have somewhat played the background in recent years with Bukioe focusing on his artistic talents and KD (in this case depicted as a Komodo Dragon) working on some well received projects with Giz and procuring the outstanding “Summer Broken” album with a few Committee members alongside a range of other talented emcees.

The business and focus here though is an intricately woven soundscape with Buk
seemingly venting on life’s issues and calling out injustices from his trademark “everyman” stance.
The way Bukioe spits makes him easy to relate to and you can almost hear yourself muttering his words when faced with stress-full everyday situations.

Straight from the get-go on “Shooting Horses” Buk aims his attentions at his own creative output in an honest, cynical yet insightful way. the chorus:

“I’d rather say I never made this for the sake of it/
Just say I tried to re-arrange the game instead of hating it”

This tells you everything you need to know and, as he thunders in with the second verse,he flips the idea on it’s head and comes ferociously out of the traps in an aggressive manner.

The focus on the production is KD recording and flipping instrumentalists rather than being exclusively sample based. The brilliant Henry Clark (Guitar) and Eric Turner (Bass) who appear throughout the duration of Feast or Famine adding an extra touch of warm class to the whole experience.

On ‘Page One’ Bukioe spits some classic Hip-Hop type bars over lush horns. Don’t get it twisted though, this is anything but standard sparring as Buk takes aim at other emcees in a refreshing way.

‘Neck to the Guillotine” has that trademark FOF guitar sound laced throughout on top of some abstract vibes and is a more mellow, laid-back affair. Buk comes yet again with honest bars, drawing you in to the depths of his mood before ejecting you hard with an aggressive exclamation point.

‘A few years ago..’ is the class clown of the album, a comedic story about meeting with some girls for a drink before things turn very sour and go awry, a slice of classic Hip Hop storytelling in a more old-school vein.

This is swiftly followed by another individualistic track “Curriculum vitae”
It’s hard to cast your mind to anything similar, again it has that same sound only KD can bring and the guitar led rhythm really pops, Bukioe talks in an auto-biographical way, giving you an insight into his past

“Was raised in reading, I could tell you ’bout those days/
How we used to rack paint from Halfords to Home base/”

In short Bukioe doesn’t need to bang on about Hip Hop or how Hip Hop he is like other artists do,he just is, you know it from listening and it’s as simple as that.

KD changes the pace up a bit on ‘Drink up’ drawing a completely different flow from Bukioe and highlighting his versatility. This one is about drinking to numb the pain of standard existence which is a topic anyone who breaths oxygen should be able to relate to!

‘Blue Planet’ caps off this tight collaboration, with its humming sample and bouncing baseline. It is somewhat a more sobering, heavy affair. A lot of rappers do ‘political’ and it can be hard to digest for many reasons, but this is anything but monotonous as Buk puts his own perspective on the state of Planet Earth in a poignant, poetic way.

Overall the whole project has aimed for a particularly unique sound, and in merging talented instrumentalists with cheeky samples the backdrop is as refreshing at it is original.
Bukioe smatters it with big splashes of bold colour and is as proficient with his words as he is with a paintbrush, listening to his back catalogue and how other artists have borrowed ideas from him, you can see how he has come to this place and grown.
In an ever polarised world full of extremes and no in-betweens. The only outcome can be Feast or Famine.